Staff Welfare

  • Employees are chosen without force or bondage or involuntary labour, but to everyone to experience being in a familial atmosphere.
  • All conditions are documented before employment commences
  • Employees are treated with respect. Their health, safety and basic human rights are protected and promoted for them to work in conditions that are clean and safe
  • As a policy, we shall not employ anyone under the age of 18 years
  • We will fulfil all the legal obligations in terms of employment, payment and benefit practices as stipulated in the Factories Act and the Payment of Wages Act
  • Working hours match with those of the sectors in the country and shall not be more than 48 hours per week on a regular basis
  • Equal opportunities are given to all employees. No discrimination in terms of race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation
  • We want to ensure that our manufacturing units stand out to excel and the activities and conduct of employees are a source of positive influence
  • To encourage our workers to be punctual and deliver themselves better, management provides them with attendance bonus
  • As defined in the law our employees are provided with all the benefits like Dearness Allowance, Gratuity, Provident Fund, Earned Leave and Bonus

Other Employee Benefits

We have a large women workforce. To support such women workforce with kids, there is an initiative of the Management of Trio Apparels providing Creche facility. A trained attendant and a teacher is employed through the working hours to take care of the tiny tots, while they are busy earning a livelihood.

To provide immediate medical attention, management has employed a trained nurse to be present during the working hours of the factory. In case of medical emergencies of serious nature, worker/s are immediately shifted to hospital for better medical attention.

We provide transportation facility from select locations for the benefit of our employees with the pick up and drop facility.


Recognition is a factor for motivation. Each of the 470 employees are drawn to this program of motivation to earn recognition. One person is chosen and recognised as the best employee from each department to be suitably rewarded for the good contributions made.

It is very motivational for the employees to be recognized. Recognition guides the employees to perform better and helps also company identify good employees. Good workforce reflects the successful being of a company and retaining good employees is vital. It therefore goes without saying that all the recognitions are motivational for our employees to raise to perform better.

With the belief that our employees would do better with the competitive edge created, we have one award instituted for bigger recognition. It is to honour such employee of excellence by choosing the best among the best of the employees.

Trio Family Get-together

We regularly organise Trio Family Get-together once every 3 months. It has turned out to be a good process helping each one in the Trio Family to move towards excellence in their area of work. Get-togethers are made very interactive, enjoyable and a good learning experience. These interactive sessions are handled exclusively by Saravanan, the Non-Executive Director of Trio Apparels. He has been putting to use all his business experience to motivate every staff member of the Trio family.

It would be a day with a mix of many things. Learning, eating, enjoying and also for it to be a day well spent. It would be majorly the evaluation of the performance of the individuals and in turn of the company. It shall be a platform for everyone of the Trio Family to be aware of the progress report of the company, the status of the orders under execution, new orders on hand, the planning and market scenario.

Safety Measures

"Preventing the worst... Stay Safe today to keep Alive for tomorrow"

The production activity centers around clothes and the clothes can catch fire. Trio Apparels is therefore well equipped to handle any such emergencies with fire. We have equipped each wing and the floor of the factory with Fire extinguishers, MICP, Smoke Detector and Trained Fire Fighters. Fire Drill is done once every quarter to ensure that all the equipments are maintained in condition. There is also periodical checking and filling of the various kinds of fire extinguishers. To attend to any injuries so happens, we have the Medical Room and CCTV Surveillance that can give lot of inputs of any untoward happenings.

For the management of Trio Apparels, their workmen are great assets and their safety and well being is of utmost importance. Workmen who work on certain sharp edged machines involved in some precision work are provided with steel netted hand gloves to protect their hands and fingers..

Latest News:

  • Welcome to Trio Apparels, Please visit back for better offers and quality apparels
  • Welcome to Trio Apparels, Please visit back for better offers and quality apparels
  • Welcome to Trio Apparels, Please visit back for better offers and quality apparels