What are the labeling requirements for apparel?
Labels would generally indicate fiber content, country of origin, the identification of the manufacturer, importer, or other dealer, and care instructions for the end user to be aware of at the time of possession of the product. Labels containing care instructions should be present permanently on the apparel.

What kind of care instruction is required on apparel labels?
Labeling Rule requires manufacturers and importers to attach care instructions to garments. Labels must have a washing instruction or a dry-cleaning instruction. However, it is appropriate to provide the consumers about the washing instructions for items that need washing. Instructions can be given for both washing and dry-cleaning.

What is covered under the Care Labeling Rule?
Any textile apparel that is worn to cover or protect the body is subject to the Care Labeling Rule. It should be remembered that there is no legal obligation to show care labels as such, but, if these are shown they must be accurate.

Can care symbols be used in lieu of words on a label?
Care Symbols for care Instructions on textile products may be used in place of words provided the symbols fulfill the requirements of the Rule. As such there is no need for using symbols except using it as an option.

Are there any exemptions to the Care Labeling Rule?
The following items do not need permanent care labels, but obviously having temporary labels at the point of sale:

  • Totally reversible clothing without pockets.
  • Products that may be washed, bleached, dried, ironed, and dry-cleaned applying harshest procedures with the instruction, like, "Wash or dry-clean, any normal method".
  • Products that have been granted exemptions on grounds that care labels will harm their appearance or usefulness.

The following items do not need any care instructions:

  • Products sold to institutional buyers for commercial use like uniforms supplied by employers to employee used in job-related activities which are not purchased by the employees.
  • Garments custom-made using the materials provided by the consumer.
  • Products gets to be exempted if they are completely washable and sold at lesser cost.

Is there a standard for sizing?
Clothing size is referred as the label sizes used for garments sold off-the-shelf. Large number of standard sizing systems are followed around the world for various garments, such as dresses, tops, skirts, and trousers. In case of made-to-order garments, measurements are taken, But as such there is no particular national standard form.

Are there any safety regulations in relation to apparel labeling?
Yes. There are surely going to be some regulations in regard to the flammability of clothing textiles like: Flammability of Clothing Textiles and Flammability of Children’s Sleepwear.

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  • Welcome to Trio Apparels, Please visit back for better offers and quality apparels
  • Welcome to Trio Apparels, Please visit back for better offers and quality apparels
  • Welcome to Trio Apparels, Please visit back for better offers and quality apparels