Inhouse Facilities

Our manufacturing unit that is in Bangalore is equipped with high-tech automated machines that include automatic cutting, steam ironing, fusing, high-tech stitching, inter-locking and button stitching for complete garment processing.

Sampling and Inventory Section

We have a vast and well organized sampling centre which plays a crucial role in transforming design sketches provided by our esteemed clients to actual products and accordingly raise the inventory and plan for the production. Equipped with specialized sewing machines, this unit can easily reproduce various designs according to international trends as specified by our client.

Sewing/Tailoring Section

We have the state-of-the-art sewing facilities with about 320 machines to have the full fledged production activity to go on coupled with stringent quality controls at finishing section meeting with the quality standards set by our buyers.


This department handles all CAD/CAM aided pattern making, grading and development as based on CAD/CAM software and equipments. Patterns can also be transferred and received digitally from global buyers at our unit.

Fabric Checking & Cutting

Fabric inspection is an important aspect followed prior to garment manufacturing to ensure that the fabric used is of the highest quality. Pattern pieces are laid and traced out on the fabric to be cut. Cutters guide electrically supported cutting machines around the perimeter of pattern pieces, cutting through the fabric stack. Absolute precision is ensured during every stage of garment manufacturing.


Like a pre-requisite for any garment manufacturing unit, we also have in our possession computerized multi head embroidery machine that enables us to meet all the demands of placing the embroideries, badges and appliqués as required and specified.

Special Facilities

Trio Apparels has updated itself to make use of the special techniques as required for Smocking, Fagoting and Pleating.

"Our Team... Our Strength"

Towards continual improvement through our Team Work

The company has staff strength of around 470 employees. For merchandising, Trio Apparels has a bunch of well trained and experienced team of professionals. They play a pivotal role, coordinating between clients, the production unit and the marketing team. Dedicated people at the helm source and supply fabrics required to produce international trends in men and kid wear shirts serving the International and the Indian needs. Our well oiled team of professionals are capable to manage the global and local logistics meeting with every overseas or Indian client’s requirement seamlessly.

Design Studio

The CAD/CAM facility that we are equipped with in our factory is very unique allowing our design team in providing creative solutions for every challenge, right from developing fabric cads or embroidery to producing the end product. We keep in mind every client’s requirement for which purpose our design team prepares exclusive collections and updates itself constantly.


We have a meticulously organised showroom to work as an exclusive merchandize! It showcases and takes our clients on a journey through Trio Apparel World. It is made in a manner allowing our clients to understand the range of merchandise we possess as also to understand the capabilities of Trio Apparels. We have on display a good range of stocks in the showroom to highlight our products of different colors and designs. Our efforts will be constantly on to develop new range in shirts for you.

Latest News:

  • Welcome to Trio Apparels, Please visit back for better offers and quality apparels
  • Welcome to Trio Apparels, Please visit back for better offers and quality apparels
  • Welcome to Trio Apparels, Please visit back for better offers and quality apparels